If you need treatment for your hair, skin or nails. At Fleek you, you have the best professionals in the business. We understand the importance of them. You can trust fleek you for the treatment of hair, skin and nails. After All they reflect your personality, and should have the best care available.

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Welcome to Fleek You. A salon where we strive to achieve excellence by providing the best services in New Delhi. From doing a simple haircut to turn a girl into the best bride into the town. Visit us once and avail best offers on all services. We are the Best Salon in Paschim Vihar.

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At Fleek You, we have professional trainers who will turn you from a simple woman to the most beautiful bride. After all, the princess deserves the best utmost attention on the most important day of her life. However, we understand how important it is for you.

Welcome to Fleek You

 Fleek You Salon is located in Paschim Vihar, Delhi 

Welcome to Fleek You (Best salon in paschim Vihar), a Premium salon to provide you with all the services you need. However, at our salon, we make sure to deliver you the luxury selection of treatments. Similarly, we aim to make you comfortable, giving you a relaxed state of mind during your stay.


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Loved everything about this salon.. Experienced staff. . I had gone for hair Smoothening and I loved the results. . Also loved their fleek you themed wall 💜❤ 😉… Great job guys 👍


Premium Service

I got my smoothening done from this place and I am really happy with the results. Good job guys
Salon in paschim vihar


Amazing Experience. Highly skilled staff

Fleek you salon

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 Fleek You Salon is the Best Salon in Paschim Vihar

Salon in Paschim Vihar:- We have premium services for you such as Keratin, Smoothening, Ombre, and Balayage. There are other services as well, which we want to share with you, so you can know what you need to do, and for these things. Therefore, we are the best salon in paschim vihar.

Now, we have told you about our salon, what kind of relaxed environment you will get here. But, you should also know in detail about the services will provide. After that reading it, we are sure; you are going to need a little change in your appearance.

Keratin | Best Salon In Paschim Vihar

We will begin with a keratin treatment, if you are feeling your hair has become tangled with frizz and breakages. Further, Then it is time to For a keratin treatment. In short, since your hair is made from keratin, the procedure adds the protein in the hair, making it smooth, frizz-free hair. After that, It does not matter what type of hair or color you have. Similarly, the lasts from three months to seven months depending upon the formula used by the experts. After that, we have professionals in our salon for it so that you can have the best treatment for your precious hair.

Global and Highlights By Fleek You Salon in Paschim vihar

Now we will know what is global and highlights? Global hair color is done when your hair color does not resemble or suit according to your skin tone. Similarly, to get more suited color with your natural hair color, you can get darker shades or medium and lighter.

Highlights are the process of making your hair more vibrant and using various colors. In other words, you already have a great natural hair, but you want to add different colors. For example, with dark black hair, you can add a little brownish highlight if it is matching with your skin tone Than, it becomes a great combination.

Before you decide to Get Global or Highlights, we would advise talking with our professionals. Similarly, they can tell you what exactly will suit you, Either the color or the style.

Ombre | Salon In Paschim Vihar

Ombre and Balayage are the two different techniques used for your hair. After that, we will tell you what is the fundamental difference between them. The word Ombre is a french word in origin. It means ‘Shadow.’ In the techniques. After that, hair makes the transition from a darker shade to lighter shade. Still not getting it, We can use an example for this. Let's see you want an ombre of brown color. From the upper hair, it will be dark brown, but as it goes lower, it will be light brown. This is the basic explanation. However, a stylist will tell you in detail according to your preferences.


Balayage is a separate technique. The word also has its origin in french. It means “To sweep.” Have you ever seen a painting, when the painter sweeps a color without stopping his hands? It is similar to this. However, the essential difference is this; The dark shades are done at the bottom of the hair as well. Like the above example, the dark brown is also at the bottom of your hair. Similarly, When you talk with our experts, they will tell you what is Going to look Good on you.

Pedicure & Manicure | Salon In Paschim Vihar

We also provide manicure and pedicure services. In manicure, the treatment is for your fingernails to keep them safe from harsh chemicals, unhealthy environment. After that, It also means to massage your nails and giving them a shape.

In pedicure, the treatment is for your legs and feet. There are various kinds of pedicure treatment, which you take. Talk with the professional at our salon to decide, what is Going to be best for you. It is not done only for beauty but for preventing any nail diseases or disorders. Now,  removes dead cells from your feet, so they look more natural and clean.

So, these are some of the beauty treatments; It's provide at Fleek you salon(Best Salon in Paschim Vihar). We know, once you try our services, you will not look at any other salon. They are committed to getting you the best beauty treatment

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 Fleek You Salon(Best Salon in Paschim Vihar)
Fleek you give the neighbor with global salon and spa expertise. Our service list includes beauty and skin-caring, focusing on spa and bridal services to give you a full feel-good approach. Similarly , Wellness shouldn't mean anything if you weren't being well handled you will receive the latest quality beauty and spa and you will discover that only our prices treat you well. However, Fleek you Salon is a full-service hair salon that serves under one roof make-up, hair care, manicure, pedicure, Hair Wash, Hair Treatment, Body Massage, and Party Make- up, facials and other beauty treatments necessary. In other words, this salons are well certified and can give you the desired hair look.

The place has a fun, welcoming environment, friendly workers and excellent hair and skin bundles that make the salon a famous on.i.e this salon is the best salon in paschim vihar. In addition, we believe everything has to improve and you need to take control of yourself; inside as well as out. Therefore, they emphasize the need to respect yourself, Now we concentrate on having our clients groomed and at the same time helping them feel comfortable about themselves. In other words, our stylists devote themselves to bringing out the inner beauty through their expertise and desire for the work.

With excellent facilities and professionals let us take care of your hair, face, body and mind. 

We are also specialists in special occasions including bridal make-up and makeup, colors, and make-up. In other words, focus on giving our customers good quality services. Therefore, Our salons are known for having a luxurious, comfortable atmosphere for all your beauty needs.


Vision | Salon In Paschim Vihar


 The Dream we are committed to creating an international salon & spa with a luxurious feel, quality brand and fanatical customer support. 




Mission to provide a world-class living & wellness environment an attractive pleasure offered at the comfort of the community of consumers.

Quality policy


Our salon operates on the ideals of outstanding quality and professional quality, and this is achieved by our team of people in touch with trends creating style and design. However, we are pleased to show the finest beauty, skin, and spa facilities, services and the cleanest environment in the salon.

Core values | Salon In Paschim Vihar


Core Principles we agree every customer is handled with utmost respect and loyalty. Believe our clients deserve the best level of quality. In conclusion, we have a huge degree of duty to satisfy almost every single client.



Plot no 9, Avtar Enclave, Paschim Vihar,
New Delhi, Delhi 110063, India


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Saturday and Sunday : 10am - 8pm

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